The Seagull

By Anton Chekhov

In a dialogue with Chekhov, who, in this play, muses uncomfortably on the New Forms in the arts and the theater of his time, this performance shows that new forms can rejuvenate an old language. Staging the play with tulle fabrics, lanterns and swings, this work evokes the late 19th century stagnated atmosphere which characterizes Chekhov’s plays. In her review for the Village Voice of this production at the Sculpture Center in New York, Francine Russo wrote: “Hanne Tierney’s production is to 1995 what the original was to 1895.”


Music composed and performed: Jane Wang
Light design: Trevor Brown
Manipulator: Linda Bjork
Concept, construction, manipulation: Hanne Tierney

First performed at Sculpture Center New York, NY, 1994