Baby, said Alice B. Toklas. . .  

A 15 minute experiment in self-performing theater
Conceived and constructed by
Hanne Tierney                                                                                                                   Engineering design by Oskar Strautmanis

April 15 - May 28 at the Knockdown Center
59-19 Flushing Avenue, Maspeth, NY

Work in progress: From 18 Stanzas Sung to a Tatar Reed Whistle

This beautiful Chinese epic poem tells of the abduction of the poet Ts’ai Yen by Nomadic warriors and of her life in a Tatar camp. The poet wrote this epic in 200 AD and it has inspired other poems, paintings and music ever since.

This work will be performed in 2019. It will be in part programmed to be performed by the motors, and in part will be performed manually.

Conceived and constructed by Hanne Tierney                                                                                                  Engineering design by Oskar Strautmanis                                                                                                                  Music composed and performed by Jane Wang                                                                                                    Projection visuals designed by Hannah Wasileski 
Light design by Yi Zhao