Baby, said Alice B. Toklas. . .  

Conceived and constructed by Hanne Tierney                                                                                                                   Engineering design by Oskar Strautmanis

This 15 min. performance piece will continue to be installed in the studio adjacent to the gallery.

Here is a self-performing theater - a theater that revels in and transcends its own artificiality. The precise movements of two cloth figures, hula hoops, copper pipes, and fabric configurations are being controlled in full sight by a wood and plexiglas machine/sculpture.  An elaborate, visible, pre-programmed robot-brain sends messages to the sculpture, whose levers literally pull the strings of the performing materials, creating the gestures and dialogue—and feelings.

The figures are Alice B. Toklas and Gertrude Stein, arguing over the worth of Stein's avant-garde plays and operas. As the lovers debate, semi-abstract objects perform excerpts from two of Stein’s plays to ratify her conviction of her modernist genius. Eric Satie's music underscores the zeitgeist of the era.