Strange Tales of Liazhai

For this work two stories were chosen fromStrange Tales of Liaozhai, a well-known collection of supernatural tales, gathered by the scholar Pu Songling in 17th century China. The first, A Tale of Pigeons, the artist and projection designer Hannah Wasileski, turned the overhead projector, with her drawings, into a live performance tool. The composer/musician Jane Wang accompanied the unfolding of the tale on toy piano.

For the second story panels of sumptuous Chinese silks rise out of a landscape of fabrics on the stage. These panels were manipulated into precisely composed, expressive gestures and movements; they acted out a tale of love, longing and magic. Chinese lanterns, paper umbrellas, bamboo poles and Trevor Brown’s magical lighting augment the performance of the silks. 

For this work Jane Wang invented an instrument, brass rods played with a double bass bow, and it lend the otherworldly aura so important in the storie to

Strange Tales of Liazhai.

Conceived, constructed and adapted: Hanne Tierney
Manipulation: Shawn Lane, Jamey McGilray, Hanne Tierney
Music composed and performed: Jane Wang
Projection design: Hannah Wasileski
Light design: Trevor Brown
Sound mix: Phil Soltanoff

Premier at the HERE Arts Center, NYC, on September 6th 2012